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For eleven days #Mumbai witnesses its #original #soundsystem #culture.  #Ganesh #Ganpati
TUTORIAL/VIDEO OF THE DAY:- My eyes may be shut in this pic however…., let me open yours with this short @trueschoolmusic tutorial ;) Click here to watch:- #TrueTips #video #tutorial #DJ #iTunes #Smartplaylist
Front row crowd jamming with the D-Beam synth on the #Roland   #SP555 at #mixtapedmumbai :) Simple, yet effective fun.
Woah! @R4NDOLPH you beauty! #mixtapedmumbai witnessed last night 2 full hours of brand new #FUNC music that you dropped on us through this crazy new rig of yours. A million points of #respect to you :) Full power and way to go ahead brother! #Boss #RC505 #Roland #SP555 #Pioneer #DJM900NXS #CDJ2000NXS
Big up @_MumbaiMirror for mentioning @R4NDOLPH at #mixtapedmumbai tonight. This one is gonna be a smasher!

Mixtaped! 037 with FUNC/Randolph Correia (PENTAGRAM/Shaa’ir + FUNC) - @R4NDOLPH


So here is what happened…! Today’s slot was actually scheduled for Abhishek Dixit (A|Tone/Technoholik) however, due to some technical glitches he had to push his date into the future. But this incident did give me an opportunity to quickly slot in someone who was long overdue on the Mixtaped! roster. Guitarist, producer, sketch artist, collector of cool shades, lover and over all full time rockstar, FUNC aka. Randolph Correia. Now what do I write about someone who has been decorated & venerated endlessly by the music press in India & abroad? Lots on the personal front as I’ve been in awe with his work for more than 15 years now. It started out as a music fan first in 2001, when the nascent DJ in me noticed this guy working a Roland TB303 along with India’s mega rock band, Pentagram, on stage at Independence Rock at Rang Bhavan. I remember them getting a lot of flack by the hardcore rock community for mixing guitars with electronics but now in hindsight, they were probably the first ones to do so. Cut to 2003 & I see Randolph one night DJing at Razz Rhino. I was intrigued. At the end of the night he hands to me & others in the club copies of an album full of original & futuristic dub music (all produced by him) called “Dubba”. Now, I got super intrigued. Cut to 2009 outside Zenzi Mills, I got formally introduced to him for the first time, after one of his early Shaa’ir + FUNC gigs. I mentioned Dubba & he was really surprised to know that I was aware of it. Of course I was, as I was already a fan. Since that night, Randolph became Randy to me & we became really good friends. Being a DJ himself, Randy & I have played at many known (& many unknown) gigs/parties together. During my residency at Bonobo, he became one of the founding members of the monthly Wobble! parties. I remember in 2012, he couldn’t go on stage to receive his Best Guitarist of the year award at the annual JD Rock Awards as he was DJing along with Midival Punditz on the same night at Wobble! Music production wise, I would simply say that he is a genius. What surprises me is that he still uses Sony Acid Pro as one of his DAWs, a software which I had started learning music production on. Besides producing all the hit Pentagram &  Shaa’ir + FUNC albums so far, I always gravitated towards his personal productions & remixes. Just take a peek into his Soundcloud page & you could sample nearly 60 original works made over the past decade or so. Duba, Another Dubba & Skank Be the Rock are my favourites. I’m also looking forward to the new Bombay Bassment album (produced by Randy) & the next FUNC album which.. will.. blow.. you….. away! Randy has been a long time supporter of Mixtaped! & is so excited about tonight that he is going to hook up 2 of his samplers & do something special for us. With a microlist full of his own original productions, here is what he said when I asked him our standard 5 questions….

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Word On The Street:- #FUNC @R4NDOLPH would be playing a #live set tomorrow night at #mixtapedmumbai :-o Quick 5 interview & 8 tracks playlist coming up soon on my blog. #psssst #Mumbai
Monsieur Loic Sanlaville, HOD of studio & live sound at @trueschoolmusic, practising #tabla after work at the #campus last evening. More information on this gentleman available here:- Très bon mon ami ;-) Allez!
Spotted myself on #TV this morning, dropping science about #genrewars on @rohitpereira’s brilliant #Vh1MusicDiaries show on @Vh1India. Watch it here - 

P.S.:- Dinkar makes me laugh hard every time. Some original talent we have here :)
Just like this couple, I feel really #lucky and #blessed to be in #love with my girl :) Christelle you rule my heart and world! xx
POWER PIC OF THE DAY:- @djasadzaidi @fuzulu Neuromotor & @nuphlouk at @trueschoolmusic today :) It was a good day for music!
Seems like it’s gonna be a Tweaky Tuesday for me today ;) #Ableton #Live #NativeInstruments #Maschine #Arturia #BeatStep #Akai #APC40 #MPKMini #Asus
Parking a #Segway in #Mumbai…. #ghetto style ;-)
Pretty piece of #wall #art spotted in #Versova #Andheri #Mumbai
Always remember/ Never forget…. #quotes #books #music